A volunteer and a Mum laughing.

Everybody needs help from time to time. That’s why we exist. Often, the first step in turning a situation round is recognising that you need the support of others – a listening ear, even a shoulder to cry on. The three case studies below demonstrate the range of issues we can help with and the difference we can make to people’s lives. Daniel, Barbara and Karina, thank you for sharing your stories.

Daniel's Story...

“I have two daughters, aged five and three. I’m separated from their mum but I see the girls at weekends and for a day or two during the week, when they stay over with me in the High Peak.”

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Barbara's Story...

“It’s all complicated. Goodness to me, did I need some support. Otherwise, I doubt that I’d have coped. I suppose it all centres on my great grand daughter, Jessica. She’s just had her second birthday.”

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Karina's Story...

“I live in the High Peak now after a turbulent time in my life. Several years ago my father arranged a forced marriage for me and I was sent away to Pakistan. The relationship was abusive from the start but after my first son was born I escaped and managed to make my way back to Britain.”

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