“I live in the High Peak now after a turbulent time in my life. Several years ago my father arranged a forced marriage for me and I was sent away to Pakistan. The relationship was abusive from the start but after my first son was born I escaped and managed to make my way back to Britain.”


“At first, I stayed at the women’s refuge in the High Peak. I was then re-housed to a beautiful Peak District village. Trouble was that my new home is secluded. The nearest shop is half an hour’s walk away. I just didn’t know anyone.
“Since then I have started a new relationship. I have another son. But my partner lives and works away, so I am on my own most of the time. Thankfully, I was put in touch with Home-Start.

“My Home-Start volunteer Rebecca comes around every week, never fail. She makes so much difference to me, helping in so many ways. For instance, she takes me shopping. She has lots to do with my children and takes us to activity sessions at the Children’s Centre. My oldest boy is very attached to her. He never wants her to leave.

“Hopefully, me and my sons will be moving to a new place soon. I will be closer to my friends and my boyfriend should be able to stay more often. In the meantime, Rebecca is very important. She gives me the emotional support that I need so much.”