A volunteer, mum and a baby on a sofa.

There is no rulebook for raising a family. Sometimes it can seem totally overwhelming, particularly if your household is experiencing difficult times.

Do you feel isolated in your neighbourhood, without nearby family or reliable friends? Are you suffering from post-natal depression but finding it hard to talk about it? Perhaps you are having a hard time coping with an illness. You might have been overwhelmed by the recent death of a loved one. There may have been abuse of some kind. Or you could be struggling with the emotional and physical demands of having young children.

Maybe you are just exhausted or unhappy with life at present. Probably, you need someone to talk to; a shoulder to cry on. Someone who won’t judge you in any way.

That trustworthy someone, from the local Home-Start, might come round and play with or read to your children; maybe take them to the park; assist you with the shopping; talk to you about this and that.

If you ask for Home-Start’s help (see Referrals) you can be sure of total confidentiality. You can also rest safe in the knowledge that all our staff and volunteers have been through an enhanced-level criminal records check.