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Referrals to Home-Start High Peak are simple and quick to do. Support is available to any High Peak Borough family experiencing stress or other difficulty and with at least one child under the age of eight.

Families can refer themselves. There are some standard conditions involved but these can be discussed at the time.

Any agency can make referrals. Typically, this might involve social services, midwives, health visitors, specialist teachers, doctors, mental health specialists, police or the probation service.

Once necessary preliminaries have been completed and a family has been accepted there will be a home visit from the co-ordination team. A co-ordinator will explain the support that can be offered, clarify the family’s needs and confirm that the family would like Home-Start help. The referrer will be kept informed at this stage.

There will be careful matching of a volunteer, making sure that he or she has the appropriate skills and experience to sensitively match the needs of the family. Success depends heavily on the relationship that develops between volunteer and family.

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We are here to help. Contact us to make a referral.

Referrals for 2013/2014

During 2013/4 we received well over 100 referrals to help people throughout the High Peak and we were able to support 52 families and 105 children during the year. In reality, we received many more enquiries but were limited in our ability to help by a combination of a lack of funding and a lack of trained volunteers. The sad truth is there will always be more demand that a charity like ours can cope with.

The majority of our referrals came from Children’s Centres and Health Visitors but we work with a wide range of professionals, other charities and individual parents themselves when we are asked to provide support.

We’d love to do more so please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone or drop us a line if you need the kind of help only Home-Start can offer.

  • Children’s Centre 39% 39%
  • Health Visitor 24% 24%
  • Self-Referral 22% 22%
  • Other Community Org. 5% 5%
  • Other Health 3% 3%
  • Social Worker 3% 3%
  • Assessment Team 2% 2%
  • Other 2% 2%

Testimonials from Home-Start Referrers

We have a lot of respect for the commitments of the volunteers who offer support for families.

We can only speak in praise of the staff in the scheme, they make our job so much easier.

Home-Start compliments our service.

Home-Start Referrers


Testimonials from Home-Start Supported Families

The Co-ordinator was careful to match both mine and the volunteer’s expectations.

Having a Home-Start Volunteer has enabled me to enjoy different activities with my son, which I would not have been able to do without her support.

Home-Start is phenomenal.

Life has changed and it’s been for the better. I couldn’t recommend Home-Start more, just couldn’t.

Families Supported by Home-Start