A mother lifting her baby.

We are a small organisation in the grand scheme of things so, often, even the smallest of gestures can make a huge difference to the amount, variety and quality of support we can offer. It’s not just about money either – although we can always do with more donations to enable additional families to benefit from our help. Perhaps you have the time and experience to volunteer, either as a home-visitor or as a trustee. Maybe you have some old toys or office equipment that we could recycle. Perhaps you can organise a bake sale, raffle, church collection or sponsored event to raise funds for us and have a bit of fun with your friends at the same time. Whatever you might be able to do, it’s a sure bet that we’ll be grateful. And that a family, a child, will benefit from your generosity.

Volunteers Needed

Home-Start High Peak’s home visiting volunteers come from many different backgrounds and vary in age, one thing they have in common is that all are either parents or have parental experience. Volunteers are of crucial importance: they are the life and soul of our party.


Trustees Needed

The Board of Trustees at Home-Start High Peak is made up of volunteers from all walks of life who assume responsibility for leading our strategic direction.


Friends and Fundraising

Home-Start High Peak relies heavily on fund raising for its income. We can’t manage without it. We can’t do without our fund raising friends. But we need more. It’s a struggle when you are working without grant aid.


Friends and Donations

Home-Start High Peak provides free assistance to families going through difficult times of one sort or another. It relies on volunteers who have to be trained.



Funding is critical. There is no assistance from central government. In order to secure the future of this vital service we are looking to involve business partners from within the High Peak.


A lady with a Home-Start umbrella.