A mother, baby and a volunteer.

Home-Start High Peak provides free assistance to families going through difficult times of one sort or another. It relies on volunteers who have to be trained. This, too, is free. The service is highly regarded and is extremely cost effective compared with statutory agencies.

Yet we receive no national or local government funds. There is a small amount of assistance from Children In Need. Otherwise, we have to rely heavily on donations and fundraising schemes. We rely on our friends.

Can you help us with a donation? Will you donate a one-off sum or arrange for a regular gift? For every £1 we raise, 90 pence is spent on helping local families. About eight pence is reinvested to generate future income. 2 pence is spent on administration.

Remember that very often we are the last chance for some families. Your generosity will enable us to reach out to parents and children who will benefit greatly from Home-Start support.

For every £1 we raise or is donated

Pence is spent on helping local families

Pence is reinvested to generate future income

Pence is spent on administration

Please Help, your generosity can make all the difference.

To Donate: Text HSHP14 and the amount you’d like to give to 70070.
For example, texting HSHP14 £10 will donate £10 to Home-Start High Peak.

An iPhone displaying the donation text details.